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Yoga at Home

Available Services


A truly whole-istic approach to the treatment of dis-ease. bodytalk combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bioenergetic Psychology in order to access the subconscious and reveals the priority path to healing for  effective mind + body healing.


NeuroEmotional technique is a mind-body healing technique that allows us to find and release unresolved emotional issues which may be locked in the body, manifesting as physical symptoms.


Combines Epigentics, Classic Chinese medicine and quantum physics to restore optimal health and function to the mind-body. no needles necessary with this modality.


Identifies trapped emotions and heart-walls through muscle testing and releases them from the subconscious


Mindscape is a healing modality that uses focused visualization meditation while in the alpha brain wave state of the practitioner to initiate healing in the client.


Cardinal method of life connections promotes generational healing by utilizing specific crystal grids to release obstacles that  have kept you and your family in a cycle of suffering. Ultimately cultivating joy and happiness

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