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Your body talks

Healing begins when you start to listen

BodyTalk Helps Families Thrive


o   Helps clear any emotions, trauma or belief systems from either parent that may be contributing to troubles conceiving

o   Helps increase communication within the systems of the body that may be lacking which could be contributing to the body’s physical ability to conceive


Developmental delays or sensory issues of any kind, including but not limited to:

o   Bonding 


o   Attachment 


o   Emotional issues


o BodyTalk is a powerful tool to help you and your family process and release trauma as it comes up as well as situations from the past. Traumas are anything that has happened that is affecting your ability to connect, live and thrive.



o   Helps clear the emotions and belief systems that are generating stress and anxiety around birth and parenting.


o   Clears trauma from your time spent in the womb, your own birth, and/or your own childhood. This in turn helps clear the emotional charge of fear or anxiety surrounding the pregnancy, birth, or parenting process.

o   Helps relieve undesirable symptoms such as extreme fatigue, nausea, etc. 

o A powerful tool to connect to the baby and help the baby’s body develop properly and process any stressful or traumatic emotions baby or family members have experienced while in the womb


Teens like BodyTalk because it helps them process and release emotions and stress without having to "talk about it." It can also help with depression, anxiety, and focus at school.


BodyTalk can help newborns who are having issues adjusting to life outside the womb including but not limited to things such as 

o   Breastfeeding Issues

o   Digestive Issues/Colic 

o   Sleep Issues

o   Traumatic Births 

o   Attachment Issues


BodyTalk helps children 

o Positively navigate social relationships with peers

o Transition and adapt to school

o Ability to focus & learning difficulties 

o Peer pressure


o   Babies and children who have been adopted and need help integrating into the new family units.

o  Helps children process and release trauma from the previous family 

o Helps children process stress and trauma of the transition

o   Mothers who have placed their child for adoption or newly adopted a child.


(new or established)

o  Helps Mothers and Fathers process and heal emotionally and physically from birth or pregnancy trauma or loss.

o  Helps couples navigate the changes to their relationship that come with the life changes of new babies, empty nests, career shifts, and more.

o  Many parents find that BodyTalk helps them process the limiting beliefs they absorbed in their own childhood, helping to break the generational cycle and integrate new, positive parenting practices.

How BodyTalk Works

Your body retains emotions and information from all of your experiences in life.


Some of those may be undermining your health and happiness. In yogic tradition, an unfinished energy pattern is called “Samskara,” Sanskrit for “impression.” It is a blockage, an impression from the past. Unsynthesized energy patterns cause unconscious self-limiting belief systems and self-sabotaging habits.

The uniquely inclusive BodyTalk modality utilizes all the tools and modalities your practitioner has been trained in and incorporates them into the healing sessions. This is particularly helpful for those who love a variety of natural healing modalities and have a hard time deciding which one they want! 

Your body will tell me if it is needing any reiki, HealingTouch, reflexology, aromatherapy, Emotion Code, or NeuroEmotional Technique in your BodyTalk session.

I use muscle checking (similar to applied kinesiology or muscle testing) to ask the body what it wants to heal. We then use tapping and eye movements to release trapped emotions, with methods similar to EFT and EMDR that activate both hemispheres of the brain.



In Person Session

In Person sessions are done fully clothed, lying down on a massage table.

Wear something comfy so you can relax.



Non- Invasive

BodyTalk is a priority-based healing modality, meaning that we trust the body's innate wisdom to tell us what has priority for healing.


BodyTalk uses neuro-muscular biofeedback (muscle checking) to provide yes or no answers to a standard series of questions, in order to determine the “formula” that your body wants to work on for that session. 



Root Cause

Honoring the body’s request to heal based on addressing the top priority first, makes all the difference!


When we ask the body what it wants to work on first, we uncover the root cause of illness and imbalance instead of just addressing symptoms



Lasting Results

In order to create full body healing, we include the body in the healing process.

This is the difference between just talk therapy and BodyTalk. By including the body we are able to make changes to physiology so the brain can respond differently rather than reacting in old patterns.


This is why people get results from BodyTalk that they haven't been able to find anywhere else! 

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