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Sacred Silence Retreats

Emotional Wellbeing Workshop: 3 simple steps to effective emotional processing
Emotional Wellbeing Workshop: 3 simple steps to effective emotional processing
Aug 18, 2023, 6:00 PM CDT – Aug 19, 2023, 8:00 PM CDT
2103 W Walnut St, Suite 23 Rogers, AR 72756, USA

We are all painfully aware of how our old patterns, processes, and beliefs are no longer working. We can't numb away the pain anymore. We can't accept stagnancy, shame, and repression any longer. We can't act like things are fine when they don't feel fine.    

The world is requiring us to show up for ourselves and each other differently than we ever have before. All the old ways are crumbling to make space for newer, truer ways of living. How terrifying! How depressing! How exhilarating! How empowering! 


We are here for every minute of the ride, learning to love the highs and the lows, the shadows and the light. We're here to create and hold space for everything that isn't us to fall away and everything that is truly us to emerge and be fully embraced. Even celebrated! 


We deeply feel our purpose on this planet is to love and support ourselves and others through the process of becoming our best and highest selves and, in so doing, create a truer, more beautiful world. And it all starts within. It all starts with stillness and silence and spaciousness. Out of those spaces emerge limitless love, light, and possibilities.


Thank you for joining us on this most sacred and soul-satisfying journey toward radical authenticity and empowerment. We're thrilled to be co-creating with you!   

Join Aubree and Esme in sacred silence, your perfect opportunity to disconnect from distraction and stress and reconnect to the peace, stillness, and divine guidance inside of you. 

We create sacred space for alignment and embodiment to emerge

you deserve it.

When you join us you'll experience...



Stillness. Solitude. Surrender.

Chaos, stress, busyness, noise, fear, and frustration seem to be nonstop forces in this world! Give your senses a break and return to the simple peace that only stillness and solitude afford. Allow silence to  create space for circumstances in your life to shift in gentle and positive ways. 

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Anchor.     Align.      Arise.

Connect to your Inner Guidance

Would you like to know what the utmost expert in the world has to say about you and every problem and pain point of your life? Then it's time to sit in silence. Your inner guidance system is always standing at the helm, ready to offer you all the peace, clarity, purpose, and support you desire. But it can't compete with all the other voices and activities of your life. Take time with us to slow down and allow that sweet and satisfying truth deep inside of you to bubble up. 

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Hot Stone Massage
Kiwi Juice


Detox. Refresh. Recharge.

Cleanse your body

You probably know full well what your body wants to be eating, but with so many competing demands on your time and attention, it's no wonder you can't always make time to lovingly care for yourself with nourishing meals. Allow us to take care of you for a little while, providing the nutrient-dense meals that your body craves most of all. You'll be sipping on unlimited freshly-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and deliciously refreshing whole-food smoothies that energize, cleanse, and heal you from the inside out. 

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Authentic.  Genuine. Heart-Centered.

We'll leave you feeling so grounded, blissful, and connected to love, light, and possibility that you'll want to recreate the experience again and again! We welcome you with open arms to join us for ongoing community gatherings with like-minded souls on the same journey toward peace, purpose and wellness! Retreat participants will have access to ongoing support and connection through our online and in-person Soul Community Gatherings. 

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Friends Taking Selfie

In the gorgeous - minimalist style retreat you’ll be able to unplug from your daily hustle, surrender into beauty and sweet silence, tap into your heart and creativity.

There's a strong possibility, you'll leave more connected than you’ve ever experienced!

Take this opportunity to implement your idea morning and evening rituals

Wake up slow

Connect to your higher power

Journal your dreams and thoughts 

Align your body with yoga

Honor your temple with fresh living food 

Let your heart guide your actions without any obligations

Ignite your creativity with art projects if desired 

Connect to nature on our five acre storybook retreat

Nothing here is mandatory, its your experience. Participate or follow the flow of your own inner guidance as you desire.

Add up to 1 guest for $460!

Join us for our most luxurious  and rejuvenating retreat to date!

What other retreat guests have to say...

Afternoon Light


I really really enjoyed the silent retreat hosted by Aubree and Esme. The venue was absolutely amazing! The group activities that we did before and after our silence were fun, engaging, and enlightening.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the arts and crafts table that they had set up. I sat and painted for 2 hours one day and I cannot tell you the last time that I was able to do that!

The smoothies and juices were delicious!

 Overall it was a fun yet reverent weekend for my soul. They did an excellent job of facilitating a space and an environment that allowed us all to cultivate whatever it was we were needing out of our time there

Afternoon Light


As a Mom, who spends so much time giving of myself to others, I was completely out of steam. Esme and Aubree's silent retreat allowed space for me to detach from our over stimulated and distracted world.

They helped me ask questions of my soul that I didn't even know needed to be asked. For the first time in maybe my whole life, I sat and listened to my inner being! Instead of nurturing others, I found the freedom to be nurtured with silence, sisterhood, beautiful spaces and delicious smoothies!


I left the retreat forever propelled into a more intentional life!


Thank you Esme & Aubree!

Afternoon Light


Aubree and Esme have a gift for creating welcoming, healing, nourishing space. My silent retreat was a wonderful balance between the comforting structure of group activities and the openness of free time. The varied options for self-directed silent activities, like art, nature walks, sauna, baby goat visits, and massage gave me the chance to follow my intuition and gravitate to just what I needed. The weekend was a powerful, restorative experience. 

Meet your Guides 



Aubree is  a  fun loving, Holistic Health- BodyTalk Practitioner

She began her love for holistic healing when her life was drastically transformed after committing to her yoga practice and training in 2010

In her free time she enjoys expanding her knowledge in all things holistic health and metaphysical,

exploring the great outdoors with her adventurous son and giggling with her friends.


She is passionate about guiding women who desire a conscious lifestyle to nurture their bodies naturally, express themselves freely, and live their lives authentically.



Esme is a heart-centered, connection-oriented seeker who loves to learn, play, dance, sing, eat plants, and commune with the earth.

You can often find her pursuing outrageous and/or silly adventures and seeking authentic, vulnerable connection with like-minded souls.

She's a multi-passionate entrepreneur who practices hypnotherapy and Thai yoga massage and is completely enamored with her five fantastic children and ridiculously fluffy feline. 

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